Daphna Weinberg

Of Counsel
T: 972-3-6254666
F: 972-3-6254669


Practice Areas

Fiscal, Financial & "White Collar" Offenses
Civil & Commercial Litigation

Daphna Weinberg leads the white collar and economic criminal offenses department of the firm. Daphna gained extensive experience in representing suspects and accused clients, including elected officials, lawyers and accountants in a broad range of criminal charges including: bribery, fraud and breach of trust, economic and tax offenses, computer offenses, privacy violation offenses, prohibited listening-in offenses, environmental offenses, criminal negligence causing death, etc.

Additionally, Daphna gained extensive experience in conducting complex civil litigation cases of considerable factual and legal scope and in civil litigation cases involving allegations regarding border line criminal behavior.

Education and Accreditation

LL.B., Tel Aviv University, 1994
M.A. (cum laude), Conflict Resolution and Mediation, Social Sciences, Tel Aviv University, 2013
Member of the Israel Bar Association, 1995
Member of the Advisory Comittee to the Minister of Justice on Criminal Procedure and Evidence
Presiding Judge of the Tel-Aviv University Disciplinary Tribunal for Administrative Employees
Chairwoman of the Board - Lo Omdot Me'negged Association