Administrative Law

We have gained extensive experience for many years during which we have provided legal services in the area of administrative law both to governmental agencies as well as to companies and individuals which require legal representation, advice and support in their dealings with the Israeli administration.

We are and have been acting as legal counsel (long term and ad hock for specific projects) for a considerable number of major central and local public entities, including governmental corporations and agencies such as the Bank of Israel, Igudan (the Dan Sewage Union), and Natgas (Natural Gas Paths), municipalities and regional councils, municipal corporations and inter cities unions. Our services to such public entities include on-going and ad hock legal advice, preparation and management of public tenders, providing legal opinions, regulation and litigation in the administrative courts as well as in the High Court of Justice.

Additionally, we represent and provide legal advice and support to private clients (companies and individuals) which require assistance and support in dealing with the government and the public sector.