Civil & Commercial Litigation

We are considered as one of the most experienced and leading litigation firms which excels in its professionalism, originality, creativity and most importantly, its rate of success in all aspects of civil and commercial litigation. We represent our clients (which include banks and financial institutions, and large and leading entities and companies in the private as well as the public and municipal sectors), in major and high-profile litigation cases in all business, commercial, administrative and public law areas, real estate and high profile matrimonial and family disputes of considerable economic scope. The firm acquired extensive experience in the representation of and legal support to Israeli clients in litigation cases in other jurisdictions and to that end the firm liaises with leading American and European law firms.

We believe in an assertive, creative and practical approach, adapting the suitable strategy to each specific case and each specific client’s needs and circumstances, to ensure maximum success.

The firm’s large and highly experienced litigation team is led by the senior partners with a high success rate of the team in all matters of civil and commercial litigation.