Design & Construction

Design and construction is a very complex practice area which requires expertise, knowledge and deep understanding, combined with substantial practical experience both planning and litigation wise. We have been considered highly respected experts in this field since 1969 and throughout all these years we have gained reputation and unique and invaluable experience and accumulated know-how, as well as practical experience in attending to all aspects of design and construction matters, while applying creative solutions to complex legal issues and problems which our clients daily face .

We provide ongoing legal advice and support regarding all aspects of design and construction matters to municipal authorities (including some of the largest in Israel), planning committees as well as to clients from the private sector, commercial companies and individuals, business and private developers and entrepreneurs.

We represent our clients before all relevant administrative bodies, instances and courts, in all legal and administrative proceedings, pertaining to all design and construction issues, including all kinds and types of zoning plans at all stages; all proceedings pertaining to betterment charges; representation in all proceedings regarding devaluation of property due to zoning proceedings under Section 197 of the Design and Construction Law; land appropriation cases; applications of and objections to complex building permits;  management and registration of complex re-parcelation proceedings; Conservation of historical buildings in which we have gained unique experience, etc.