We have been involved and handled a large range of diversified cases and mattes in the environment and environmental regulation area, including sewage, treated waste water, sea disposing sewage, sewage purification installations, waste secrete sites, soil cleansing, etc.

Throughout many years of experience in this area, we have acquired unrivaled expertise and know-how and our legal team includes experts of the highest level and experience in all aspects pertaining to the planning, handling and monitoring of waste disposal, sewage disposal and treatment and many other issues which have a direct and immediate effect on the environment.

For many years we have accompanied and supported environmental statutory and regulatory proceedings. We represent our clients (among which are some of the major players in this area in Israel, both public and private, such as Dan Sewage Union, Efee Landfill and Veolia) in legal and administrative cases as well as in complex environmental statutory and regulatory proceedings and in all dealings with all relevant regulators , including the Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Health and the Water and Sewage Authority. Our firm’s contribution helps our clients to adjust and conform their activities with all pertaining environmental regulation and in influencing the formation of future regulation in this area.