Municipal and Local Authorities

Municipal authorities in Israel are responsible for many disciplines which influence the daily lives of their residents. Actions and services provided by municipal authorities may have effect on the lives of their residents, which may be more significant than even the central government. Therefore, as legal counsel of such authorities, we always try to take the implications of our advice and recommendations on both the municipal authority as well as on the individual resident.

Our firm has been intensively involved with local and municipal authorities, providing legal advice and representation to municipal and regional authorities and to many municipal companies and corporations involved in local economic development in all matters relevant to their functions, including litigation, ongoing legal advice and support, establishment and development of local and national projects, regulation, public tenders, contracts, freedom of information, environmental issues, business permits etc.

The firm faithfully and diligently represents for many years some of the largest municipal and regional authorities in Israel, including the Cities of Tel-Aviv, Rishon Le Zion, and or Yehuda, as well as the Reginal Council Tamar, while attending to their economic activity the scope of which amounts (in the aggregate) to billions of dollars. Additionally, we provide to municipal authorities legal advice and services with respect to all aspects of municipal taxation such as municipal rates and charges and representation before appeal committees, administrative courts and the Supreme Court of Justice.