Municipal Taxation

Municipal taxation is a complex legal area which requires the highest knowledge, expertise and know-how as well as extensive practical experience. Our firm acquired long standing experience in representing and assisting municipal authorities and major companies in all legal aspects of municipal taxation, and all types of municipal rates, charges and levies. We are assisting municipal authorities in the preparation of tax assessments and collection proceedings, in the preparation of taxation orders and the approval thereof by the government. We are providing legal opinions pertaining to municipal rates, development charges and the collection thereof, represent municipal authorities and major companies and entities before the Municipal Rates’ Appeal Committees and before all legal tribunals, civil courts including the Supreme Court of Justice.

Simultaneously, the firm successfully represents entities, companies and individuals in disputes with the municipal authorities over large amount levied rates.

Our municipal taxation departments is led by a highly experienced and reputable team, which successfully represents both the municipal authorities as well as the tax payers in all proceedings before all pertaining courts and tribunals.