Real Estate and Real Estate Taxation

Our real estate department has been extensively active in all aspects of real estate for nearly 50 years and throughout this long period acquired high reputation and unique experience of the highest standard in proving legal services and support to business as well as private clients in real estate transactions of any kind and nature, including residential, office, commerce and business, industry and naturally in all matters pertaining to and aspects of real estate taxation.

We pride ourselves with many clients whom we have been serving in this practice area for many long years, providing personal and close attention, based on highly valuable long standing professional acquaintance and experience.

We are well known and reputable in the entire real estate scene in Israel as a professional, thorough and experienced firm, handling large scale real estate transactions of any kind and nature. These include purchase and sale, combinations, National Zoning Plans  31/1 & 31/2 and “evacuate & build” transactions, acquisition groups, interconnecting real estate promoters and construction companies, leasing and real estate management agreements, interactions and agreements with the Israeli Land Management Administration and with local authorities, registration of complex re-parcelations and condominium buildings, real estate financing and mortgages etc. Naturally, we always attend to all taxation aspects of any transaction and our experience and know-how enables us to obtain the best tax results for each case.

Naturally, as part of the extensive services we provide in this field, we also attend to all  pertaining legal and administrative litigation proceedings.  In our real estate practice, same as in all of our other practice areas, we adhere to uncompromising professionalism and excellence, providing specific solutions to address our clients’ specific needs and requirements, aspiring to achieve the client’s objective in the best, quickest and most efficient way.

Our real estate department represents, for very many years, some of the major and leading real estate companies and promoters in Israel, in large scope residential, commerce, industry and office buildings projects of all kinds, amounting to hundreds of thousands SM, such as Eurocom Real Estate, Carasso Real Estate, the YOO Project, the Givataim City Project, Rothschild 10 Project as well as many other, who are involved in large and small real estate acquisition , sale and leasing transactions.